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Gentlemen's SkinFit Myoxy-Caviar® Facial - 125.00 (60 minutes)

Counteract men’s aging process and buildup with a clinically effective, advanced skin treatment. Rejuvenating caviar, vitamins, enzymes, and freeze-dried Escutox® replenish and detox skin while combating aging aggressors. Visibly resurfacing, this masculine treatment promotes healthy youthful skin vitality.

Beauty Flash Peel - 55.00 (30 minutes)

This brightening peel contains innovative hibiscus flower acid and lactic acid to instantly and gently deliver a smoother, more radiant and even skin tone in minutes. Skin will be hydrated and luminous; no downtime or makeup required.

Lacto-Flora Acid Peel - 95.00 (45 minutes)

Naturally-derived, this mild but effective milk acid peel exfoliates gently while intensely hydrating the complexion. A perfect treatment to lighten hyperpigmentation and reduce acne blemishes. Ideal for all skin types, including acne and ethnic skin.

Lumafirm® Lift & Glow Facial - 140.00 (60 minutes)

Seeking a treatment with amazing instant results? Redefining radiance and facial contouring, this exclusively formulated treatment features the latest in freeze-dried technology to deliver instant results and cumulative skincare benefits. Ideal for any skin type showing signs of aging, or as the perfect instant repair boost when you want to look your absolute best. Proven to perform, this facial renders your skin ultra-luminous with a firmer, tighter, and more youthfully defined appearance.

Peel & Recapture Micro-Retinol® Facial - 135.00 (60 minutes)

Amplify results and recapture radiance in under an hour! Featuring an unsurpassed formula, this high performance treatment combines a deep cleansing, potent yet gentle peel, and a Micro-Retinol® treatment to recapture smoother, denser, and younger-looking skin instantly!

Stem Cells Phyto-Elite® Facial - 160.00 (60 minutes)

This groundbreaking plant-based treatment redefines the anti-aging facial! Infused with the first-ever blend of argan and comfrey stem cells and supercharged de-agers like collagen, retinol, elastin and other key actives, it starts working from the first application. Visibly reducing lines and wrinkles, it delivers a smoother skin surface, and long-term protection of the skin’s naturally repairing stem cells.

YouthRenew™ Hydra-Glow Peel - 95.00 (45 minutes)

Treat your skin to a smoother texture, minimized wrinkles, and a brightened complexion with the YouthRenew™ HydraGlow Peel. Using pure, natural lactic acid, this gentle peel unveils wonderfully hydrated and plump skin with a radiant, healthy glow. Perfect peel for pre-wedding or special events. Not recommend for hypersensitive skin. For optimum results: 3-6 Peel Series.

Sensitive Skin Facial - 115.00 (60 minutes)

Sensitive skin requires special care, specialized ingredients and subtle techniques. This gentle treatment mildly cleanses and exfoliates, while decongesting, diffusing redness and calming irritation. A nourishing and cooling cream mask is then applied, followed by a sensitive skincare cream designed to leave the skin feeling fresh, cool, and alleviated.

Luminous “C” & “Sea”® Treatment - 125.00 (60 minutes)

A radical facial treatment for dull and dehydrated skin. This facial combines the high potency of vitamin C with a stimulating freeze-dried seaweed rendering skin firmer, brighter, more rejuvenated, and velvety-soft. An excellent treatment for smokers, sunbathers and sun-damaged skin. Soft lift-off mask.

Anti-Free Radical Facial - 140.00 (60 minutes)

This facial treatment combats dry, dehydrated skin. Vitamin-enriched, it infuses the skin with vitamins A, E, and D, fighting free radicals that cause premature aging. This dramatic bi-thermal treatment mask first warms to promote vitamin absorbency within the skin, then cools to seal in hydrating benefits, firm and refine the skin. Hard lift-off mask.

Elasto-Firm Facial - 135.00 (60 minutes)

An excellent facial for those seeking tighter, more youthful-looking skin. Renowned for its rejuvenating benefits, Elastin is recognized as the best skin strengthening protein. Recommended for any skin type with loss of elasticity. Read More...

Rosacea Mask Facial - 140.00 (60 minutes)

Treat your fragile skin to all of the relief and repair that green tea, licorice, and French rose have to offer. This facial soothes the skin, eases blotchiness, and reduces redness. An ideal treatment for all microcirculation problems and hypersensitive skin conditions, specifically: Couperose, Erythrose, Erythrocouperose and Rosacea. Hard lift-off mask.

Oxy-Vital Facial - 135.00 (60 minutes)

Highly concentrated, this treatment combines healing aloe vera, calming azulene, and wrinkle-smoothing collagen fiber to activate oxygen utilization within the cells, soothe redness, and relieve sensitivity. Ideal for Couperose, sensitive and hypersensitive skin types. The Oxy-Vital mask is also recommended post-operatively following laser light-based therapies, microdermabrasion, acid peels, or any treatment that may have traumatized the skin. It is also recommended as a post-sun exposure treatment.

Plantomer® Facial - 140.00 (60 minutes)

This highly effective, soothing treatment calms redness and alleviates irritated or sensitive skin. A healing propolis ampoule (natural ingredient collected by bees) is applied to desensitize the skin’s surface and strengthen capillaries. A cooling lift-off mask is then applied to seal in the benefits of the vitamin-enriched ampoule. Soft lift-off mask.

Papaya HydraSoothe Teen Facial - 115.00 (60 minutes)

Papaya HydraSoothe Treatment helps restore vital skin health and hydration stripped away by the sun. The treatment begins with an exfoliating cleansing followed by a Pevonia-exclusive peel, Clear-O-Zym™, effective in removing deep clogging, blackheads, and dead cells. The deep cleansing process is then complemented by the application of a deeply hydrating and desensitizing papaya mask with a natural blend of replenishing and calming ingredients.

Prompt Perfection - 55.00 (45 minutes)

Want to maintain radiant looking skin but don’t have the time? This express facial is just for you! Give yourself a few minutes to face the day looking great as your skin is delightfully exfoliated, cleansed and hydrated leaving you (and your complexion!) looking and feeling smooth, soft and refreshed.

Myoxy-Caviar® Mask Facial - 150.00 (60 minutes)

This opulent anti-aging treatment lavishes your skin with pure caviar and a revolutionary blend of phyto-extracts: Escutox®. Improving wrinkles, elasticity and texture, this luxurious, anti-aging mask increases skin oxygenation and suppleness while reducing signs of aging. Hard lift-off mask for ultimate rejuvenation.

Peel Add-On to Facial - 50.00

Ear Candling - 40.00

A holistic method of ear wax removal

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